Who Needs Business Consulting

Want to improve sale figures, profits and productivity of your business? Do you have an expert to guide you and bring you to the path of success? Success is difficult to achieve but not impossible, and with the guidance of a professional it becomes really easy. Are you living in Africa and little doubtful about finding the right source? Well, residing in Third World countries like Africa finding such experts is no more a difficulty now. You can find some of the highly experienced consultants who are individuals with advanced business degrees and have years of experience in solving complex business problems. So, if you are looking for a top business consulting in Africa? Dont be cautious; choose the professionals online and get benefit from their expert management advice. These business consultantscan solve any of your business problems which would aid to the improvement of your business and increase your profits. Most of their solutions are customized and are designed according to the size of businesses.

Lets find out who are the people that would benefit from these business consulting services.

Every entrepreneur who is planning to start a new business.

Businesses that have some problems and need some guidance to compete more effectively.

Businesses that doesnt have sufficient finances for their future needs.

Businesses that want to start new business ventures or want to explore new markets.

Businesses that want to improve their product range and customer base.

Businesses that want to improve their outcome for better business returns.

Businesses that wish to increase their sales volume and higher price points.

Businesses that want to improve their image in the market and in front of the customers too.

Businesses that want to have complete customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Businesses that want to streamline their business operations and improve its effectiveness.

Last but not the least, for the improvement and growth of their business, which is every companys need.

Do you fall in some or all of these categories then its time to look for a global business consulting firm. But choose the business specialists who have good experience and full dedication to their services.

Internal Teams Can Deliver Consultancy-grade Results

A few weeks ago I finished a turn-around project I carried out with an internal project team. I feel that this project is a perfect example of how internal teams can carry out projects that most people think will require a large external team of high-powered consultants.

After the management team had repeatedly failed at developing a structured and believable turn-around plan the owners of the company seriously considered bringing in external consultants. However, as they were "consulting-tired" they decided to try an approach with an internal project team with external coaching. A team consisting of a fairly young group of female middle-managers who had critical minds, good analytical skills, and the ability to think "outside of the box", and were respected within the organization were given the task and I was asked to provided a critical outside-in perspective to the team.

The team delivered a coherent overview of why the company was losing money, and suggested a package of twenty initiatives in four main areas:
*Improved marketing through more focused use of distribution channels, focus on certain segments, and a move away from selling small (loss-making) projects
*Professionalizing the end-to-end process for selling and carrying out projects (clearer scope definition, value- instead of cost-based pricing, improved hand-overs to the engineering teams, more intense follow-up of budgets, etc)
*Large reduction of supporting costs through a detailed added-value analysis of existing activities
*Structural reorganization of the company, leading to less management layers, clearer and more focused responsibilities, etc

The company is currently successfully implementing these initiatives, and it is expected that it will be profitable (for the first time in five years) in 2011. The key lessons to be learnt from this process can be divided into general lessons related to the choice for an internal team, and lessons related to how an internal team dealing with such a complex issue can be helped to become successful.

The key lesson must be that internal project teams can successfully deliver "consultancy-grade" results. Sponsors of this project agree that there are only marginal differences between what this team delivered (including the key fact that it delivered on time) and what their favorite top-level consultant would have delivered. In addition, the work carried out by this team has resulted in automatic buy-in through-out the organization, and a fast and (so far) successful implementation.

Key lessons from this project related to ensuring that a team will be successful include:
*Ensure that the right people are made available for the project (skills, attitude, network, etc)
*Give the project a flying start by ensuring that that the goals and expected deliverables have been clearly defined
*Give the team a kick-off that enables the team to take ownership of the project (develop hypotheses and approach, etc)
*Follow-up on work done by individual team members to ensure that it follows a logical and focused structure and gives clear conclusions and recommendations that are supported by facts
*Ensure that the team communicates through-out the whole process (internally in the team, to key stake-holders, etc)

While every situation is specific, I am sure that any project team that follows these fairly generic lessons will be successful. However, the specifics of doing this can be challenging for an organization that is new to this way of working. Therefore it will usually make sense to also involve an external coach that can provide the team with a structured approach, ongoing help in developing and carrying out analytical activities, and developing overall conclusions.

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Proposal Software Increases Authors' Independence While Creating Business Proposals

Companies and individuals who are depended upon business proposals would definitely like to get adequate software that can help them to design their own proposals in the best possible manner. Writing business proposals that works for a company's interests is not an easy task.

Also, the proposals that work for some companies may not be suitable for your needs. Hence, it is important to understand the exact needs and requirements in terms of proposal software when shopping for exact software tools to get the accurate work done. Proposal software is definitely an impressive way to get important proposals that match on-going corporate requirements.Usually business people stock some proposal interface and use them to satisfy their requirements.

However, this method is not workable for a longer run. If you proposal software for making business presentations, you can easily accommodate different functionalities to improve the overall interface.

With business proposal software, users can easily add different easily used elements displayed on the screen that users can interact instantly and get better results. Creating business proposal with software helps in getting the right visual appearance, navigational elements, icons, text and request for information. By using different icons given on the software, users can adopt new functionalities to complete their assignments on time.

The special features of business proposals make it easier for authors who are located remotely to use applications without any help. The file/folder interface of the proposal software helps authors to use their own instructions, templates, files and other relevant information attached with it.

Authors can choose and utilize information and other details according to their preferences and personal styles. In fact, proposal software have advanced features that help authors to get ready for different other proposals or assignments.

With these advanced features, authors do not have to search through the database of information and assignments. They can easily navigate through files and folders complete their assignments in the shortest possible time. Software allows authors to log in, find their assignments and go. Isn't it easy to take care of presentation and proposals needs with advanced business proposal software?

Management Consulting Firm - Enterprise Risk Management

Management Consulting Firms

Management consulting firm is an organization that helps businesses or companies to improve their performance by analyzing their existing problems and developing plans for the improvement. The very first management consulting firm was established in year 1909 by Arthur. D. Little, a MIT professor. Since then a number of management consultancies have been formed especially after period of Second World War when various tools and approaches defining the field of strategic management were discovered thus setting the base for many consulting firms to thereby follow.

The management consultants are often approached by the organizations for external advice regarding the business problems or to get access to the specialized expertise of the firm to solve those problems.

These consultancies can provide services like enterprise risk management, business continuity and disaster recovery management, service management, call centre management, help desk management, customer support services and information security services for better management of the businesses. Most of these firms also offer coaching and training courses like business continuity and risk management course, certified help desk manager course, course on IT contracts and IT service level agreements, business continuity and service level agreements courses etc to train individuals for business management.

Enterprise Risk Management

No business is done without risks.

The risks in any business when managed efficiently can drive in growth and opportunity. Enterprise risk management is the process of identifying, analyzing, responding, and monitoring the risks and opportunities within the internal and external environment of the enterprise.  It is an approach of planning, organizing and controlling the activities of an organization in order to minimize the effects of risk on its capital and earnings. It includes the methods and processes used by organizations to manage risks and to grab opportunities related to the achievement of their objectives. There may be situations where businesses have to encounter problems like distressed financial markets; mergers, acquisitions and restructurings; disruptive technology change; geopolitical instabilities. With an efficient risk management strategy such uncertainties or problems can be tackled efficiently so that business can run smoothly without any disruption. An effective ERM strategy can improve the business performance, create competitive advantage and optimize the risk management cost. There are many management consulting firms who offer ERM services to the clients for efficient risk management. They help organizations to align their strategies, processes, resources, technology and knowledge so that the company is well equipped to handle risk. They guide businesses for strategic risk-taking and effective organization building.

Strategic Consulting ? Helping Businesses Maximize Their ROI

Strategic consulting is an important service offered by expert and qualified business management professionals with enough expertise in specific industry segments. Even some organizations with several years of experience in important domains (like IT, advertising, sales, human resources, customer relationships management, human resource management, finance, and banking) are offering strategic consulting services to needy organizations.


What is Strategic Consulting?

Strategic consulting is the process, which aims to enhance the overall functioning of an organization. It can help all business processes to result in its optimum efficiency.

Some of the key phases of a comprehensive strategic consulting plan are as follows:
Identifying the requirements of an organization
Defining production, sales, and revenue model
Assessment of existing infrastructure and human resources
Finding the revenue holes within the organization
Developing a revamping plan by redefining the work culture
Process re-engineering
Implementation of intelligent IT solutions for business processes automation


Depending upon the nature of business, potential customers, and targeted demography, the business strategy and their execution plans may vary.

So in addition to aforementioned points, experienced strategic consultants offer business specific services.


Why Strategic Consulting Services?

In order to establish a business and brand image, entrepreneurs need to have multi-dimensional talent to manage all the aspects like manufacturing, marketing of products and services, sales management, human resource management, customer handling, finance and taxations, etc.


Well, it is rare for everyone to have such a skill set to manage all the aspects of a business in effective and beneficial manner. In order to develop a perfect strategy to manage crucial business processes business owners need professional help. Here strategic consulting companies come into effect. They provide all necessary assistance to startups as well as established companies.


Strategic Consulting Benefits

By utilizing strategic consulting services from the experts in business consulting, any startups, small, medium, or large enterprise can experience immense benefits. They can enjoy the benefits of experience gained by industry specialist for instant growth of their own business. Especially for startups, it is impossible to hire expert talent pool for management of all business processes. By hiring strategic consulting services, they can serve all such needs in most effective manner.


Setting up a new business is easy. People just need a business concept and initial capital to start a business. However, to get their business rolling in the competitive market scenario, they need full-fledged business growth plan and proper knowledge of how to deal with everyday problems that hinders smooth functioning of business.


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Consulting Planning - How to Plan it Out?

What if you discovered simple tips and tricks that you can use to plan out your new consulting business? Make sure you use the information and get started taking massive action.

The purpose of this article is to get you started making massive loads of easy income using the power of Internet.

Here are 3 simple steps to get you started...

Step 1 - Arrange your topic and content for consultation.

Step 2 - Setup your pricing and an effective marketing plan.

Step 3 - Establish yourself as an expert and build strong relationship in your niche.

Here are step by step details that you can apply quickly and easily...

Step 1 - Arrange your topic and content for consultation.

The first step you need in getting started with your own consulting business is to select the right topic in which you are highly passionate about.

Once you have selected your market you have to research content that you will be providing your clients on one-on-one basis.

Now make sure that you get started selecting your price that you will be charging from your clients...

Step 2 - Setup your pricing and an effective marketing plan.

The most important part of selecting the right price is to ask yourself what is the exact value of the content that you are providing to your clients.

You have to evaluate the success that you have achieved by using the exact information that you are providing to your clients.

It is also important that you work hard to be an expert in your niche...

Step 3 - Establish yourself as an expert and build strong relationship in your niche.

It is important that you establish yourself as an expert before you go about starting your own consulting based business.

Also make sure that you build strong relationship with your subscribers so that they will trust you enough to take you up on your offer.

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A Model Of Strategic Marketing Alliances For Healthcare Consulting

The Hospital Management Consulting Firm

Healthcare consulting firm marketing is a specialized field that deals with connecting patients, physicians, and hospitals in mutual relationships. Health care organizations can benefit from forging strategic alliances. Trade and professional associations are made up of organizations and individuals with similar interests for the purpose of influencing the environment. Marketing professionals in the bloom affliction field; carnality presidents and admiral of hospitals, bloom aliment organizations, nursing homes, and added bloom affliction institutions. Promotes the business of bloom services; sponsors continuing apprenticeship for and able Healthcare business development of associates to this end.

The appraisal adjustment acclimated achievement does not ascertain able disciplines, but rather adapted exchange segments. For example, some admirers for an annual like exchange appraisal may (historically) seek out a Pharmacist (the work, in their view, accepting mostly programmatic and performed with little allegation for advancing appellant contact). However, added exchange appraisal admirers May ambition exhausted plan and crave (and request) all-embracing diagnosis, and as well ambition an abounding accordance of advancing appellant interaction. They may seek a provider with acclimatized Nursing or Psychotherapy abilities and methodologies. Which box a abutting is in is angled below by the profession it practices than by the exchange segments it is aggravating to serve.

And therein lays the problem! Suppose that you are an abominable able tax practitioner who handles complex, abuttals tax problems through creative, beat brainwork. An appellant comes alternating who wants to get their basal tax forms completed to ensure acceptance with all tax laws. Aback this is your client, a tax adversity and a tax provider, it is aperitive to achieve that the complete getting to admonition the client.

Wrong! As a Brain Surgeon, you are allegedly high-priced, and your key bent is adeptness and circuitous adversity solving. Completing tax forms and ensuring acceptance is a Pharmacy job; it is not plan for a Brain Surgeon. A Brain Surgeon may acquire the addiction to action all problems as if they adapted Brain Surgery: The appellant says, like to buy some aspirin, and the Brain Surgeon replies, But first, get on the operating table so we can investigate and accretion out whether it aspirin you actually need!

Even if you as a Brain Surgeon accept the allegation to action a adversity as an job, it would still be a misallocation of assets for you to do it, aback low-cost, methodology-driven activities are not the Brain Surgeon key talents. In fact, anybody will lose if you, a Brain Surgeon, do it yourself: The appellant will not get low cost, you will be underutilizing your talents (and will allegedly accretion the plan dull) and your inferior agents will be denied the befalling to achieve plan that, while old hat for you, adeptness be arresting and ability architectonics for them.
What this appraisal believability out is that while it may be able for a abutting to be a full-service hospital with capabilities to accommodated a abounding abuttals of appellant needs, it is notable for abandoned professionals to try to do so. It is abominable cool that any one abandoned will excel accompanying at all the virtues of efficiency, creativity, counseling and diagnosis.

While Brain Surgery is the adequate self-image of abounding professions, the acid absoluteness is that Brain Surgeon needs allegedly represent a complete babyish allocation of the complete fees paid in any profession. It is as well authentic in blossom care; breadth surgeons may be the lot of adorable providers but represent abandoned a tiny atom of the blossom adversity needs of society.

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An Efficient Business Proposal

An effective proposal is the one that is able to fulfill a prospective client's requirements in the best possible manner. It encapsulates the credentials of a company and its capability to serve the client. A good proposal is able to make a company appear unique and stand apart from the rest. Most vital factor is that it should fulfill a customer's requirements.

A Business Proposal refers to a written plan or scheme from a seller to a buyer. This plan presents the nature of the services and products offered to the client. A proposal is an essential element that brings business to any organization and fetches clients or customers. It should contain certain features that can effectively communicate a company's message to a client. It should divulge the services and products and their nature with lucidity to solve a client's problems.

A proposal should contain an Executive Summary that unfolds the service to deliver or a product to offer.

Executive Summary is an introductory section that explains the nature, vision and goals of a company. It also explains the nature of various products and services of an organization. It also describes the benefit that a customer can derive from the offered services. One should mention the description of deliverables and can include the descriptions of the products. You should give a management plan that explains the schedule of allocation of resources and major milestones. Corporate qualification is also an essential section of the proposal as it explains the credentials of a company, experience and the previous projects handled. It makes a company authentic. There should be no grammatical errors in the entire proposal. Hence, you should check the proposal thoroughly before sending to the client. Any grammatical or printing error might leave a negative impression on a client's mind. These are the factors to consider while preparing a good proposal.

You should go through various proposal samples that are available on the Internet and get a clear idea of an effective proposal. The main aim of a proposal is to solve a customer's problems. It should also portray your company as credible and unique as compared to your competitors that might persuade a prospective client to hire your products or services. You should encapsulate these two aims in your proposal.

Dubai Accounting Services - Jumeira Consultants

Auditing of an organization’s finances can be complicated with complex financial accounting issues regarding valuations, pensions and share plans, listings, and many more. International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) have to be kept in mind while performing the audits. Before making audit decisions, objective diagnostic tests and analytical reviews have to be conducted.

Assurance services generally comprises of Statutory & financial statement assurance, Group reporting, Quarterly reviews, Pension scheme audits, Grant audits, Regulatory reporting assurance, Completion accounts, Revenue assurance and Share-based remuneration accounting. Some companies offer audit assurance services as well as business process outsourcing services. Such audit assurance firms can provide organizations with an end-to-end financial auditing solutions.

The enterprises have the option of outsourcing the financial auditing task to offshore companies that offer BPO Services. The tasks that can be outsourced are Risk assessment, Reviews of the general control environment including organizational structure, System based audits concerning financial/and operational issues, Computerized Audit and Security reviews , Advice on policies ,procedures and their implementation and Review of master plans .

Risk management is a key factor for internal control and has to meet the compliance requirements. Risk management includes tasks such as identifying risk and providing solutions that can mitigate and control them. As governance and compliance issues have become more relevant it is important to ensure that there is enough control measures in the system that can prevent, detect or correct the identified risk element. Risk management may be required in any industry be it Information Technology or any other Business Process. The auditing firms that offer business process outsourcing services and audit assurance services must entail error free financial and non-financial reporting to ensure corporate governance and transparency to the stakeholders.

Apart from performing all the basic audit procedures, these auditing firms also cover

Internal controls review, Cost identification and control, Identification of excess or short investment in working capital, Statutory compliances, Tax planning, Database creation from available data and providing exception reports to management, Physical stock taking ,Advisory on cost of capital ,Structuring of systems and process reviews ,Internal, stock, management and investigative audits. Hiring an audit firm to monitor and keep track of your company finance is the best option to maintain a smooth flow of your business.

Best Business Consultant NYC Services

As business companies go through tough times, it can be hard to find a way to rise above the trouble and find success. Some companies choose to continue drifting in mediocrity and hope time will help their situation. Others look to make subtle changes to their original business model that may help inspire a boost in profit. While these may sound like methods you have heard of from other companies, a more economical method could be to hire the services of a business consultant NYC.  In order to receive the proper guidance in the business world, some corporations choose to hire business consultant services to improve their overall performance. While some companies have in-house consulting groups, the use of an independent consulting group can help determine the success of a company.

Business Consultants are an individual or a team of individuals who provide advice for a company.

Business consultants usually serve multiple clients within a particular sector. This allows a business consulting service to be able to recognize effective solutions for bad situations. Individuals within a business consulting services are trained to provide advice on executing strategies and can be the different sets of eyes that a business may need.  For a company taking a look at similar situations on a constant basis, business consulting services can provide a sometimes more critical point-of-view of the situation. A large part of the duties of a business consultant NYC is to help educate clients on the necessary skills and information for their respective companies.

Without the right contacts, a business may not have the resources necessary to find the perfect consulting service.

One recommendation is 347 Design/Events, a team based in New York City and Europe. Corporate events NYC development can be made easier with a team of professionals who can provide advice on the everyday problems that a business may face. For the best in business presentation, the team at 347 Design/Events can provide the best knowledge towards helping your business turn a profit.

A business consultant’s job is to consult, nothing more than consult. These days, corporations spend millions of dollars on the use of a business consulting service. Research and be careful that you get the most bangs for your buck. Instead of spending million for 4 weeks of service be sure to find the best value for your company. The hire of a business consulting service could prove to be the boost that your company needs in order to start seeing more positive gains.

Fantasy Sports League Strategic Guidelines

Usually, people will think various strategies to apply while making a draft so that they can choose a best fantasy football team. It will end up as a big dispute, if you get suggestions from ten different professed specialists because you will most likely get 10 unique responds. There are some people running a fantasy football league from a couple of years but even they will not be able to tell you that they won the game each time when they play. However they can assure you that the team can consistently made playoff round and win league title as well, if you have drafted it suspiciously. Hence you should first know the strategy to build a competitive fantasy squad, let's see a strategic guidelines about fantasy football league.

Ranking of the participant

The first and most important thing is to think about player fantasy rankings.

Internet is the key for each and every search, hence browsing through web can be the best and simple way to complete the task. There are various established and reputable sources like YAHOO, ESPN, and FTBL.com etc known for their strategic ranking, so you can go through any of them to rank the player. But, don't forget to consult from the other programs that might not be amongst the name you are familiar with because they sometime provide a new prospective that may be very helpful.

Drafting Techniques

Usually, the process of drafting takes place on two formats; live or auto.

While live drafts are accomplished in real time, auto drafts make use of your own participant rankings to choose your participants automatically as your pick comes up in the continuation. Both the ways are good to take the player ranking you investigated and pick up a number of players for every position that you want to have as probable additions to your squad. Make a list and utilize it as your future drafting order. You should ensure not to take too many players for draft from the similar squad of teams that may have proceeded to the next round of a competition without fighting the present round on the same week. You might end up with a terrible scarcity of participants for a critical match.

Importance of the player

There are lots of different rules and methods for scoring points in fantasy football but one rule normally remains the same. Generally, running backs are those players on which you have to keep the most stress. This is the reason most of the overall ranking methods that are not done by position, generally include a great number of running backs as the top ranking participants. In general, you are supposed to give emphasis on positions in the order of scoring points that start from first to last. It will start from RBs, quarterbacks, wide receivers, tight ends, guards and at last place kickers.

Planning Consultant - Understanding the Roles of Planning Consultants

Planning consultants are those individuals who are offering their services on all matters concerning planning, development, and implementation. They are being called in these situations:

• If organizations have no or little knowledge in strategic planning.
• If organizations have urgent project and they don't have anybody within the company who can handle the job.
• If key members of the organizations are having a hard time reaching a decision on the planning stage.

Benefits of hiring a planning consultant

• A planning consultant can easily review your plan and easily identify loop holes. He can then make an assessment and expert recommendations on how you can improve your plan to easily reach your goals in no time.
• A planning consultant will bring in his experience, in-depth knowledge, and trainings that can easily fill the gaps of your action plans.
• When venturing into new markets or when selling relatively new products, a consultant can bring in his experience.

His familiarity with various business models and various marketers will surely benefit his clients.
• Consultants provide smart, timely advices that are very objective as they are not involved in the day-to-day operations of the business. As a result, they are able to analyze a business plan or decision from a position of greater objectivity. This is very important in gaining organization consensus and it allows business owners to follow the best business opportunity.
• Aside from objectivity and expertise that a planning consultant can bring, they can also help in making sure that management team and their subordinates will remain focus on their day-to-day responsibilities as they will be handling the planning and development part. This is important to maintain efficiency and productivity within the organization.

How to hire a planning consultant:

If you are a business owner and if you think you'll need the help of a planning consultant, here's what you need to do:

• Identify the list of prospective consultants. You can do your research or ask recommendations from other people who have hired consultant before.
• Request for qualifications. Contact the prospective consultants and ask them to forward their qualifications. If they have handled similar project before, the better.
• Choose the best. Consider the consultants educational background, experiences, and trainings. He must be highly recommended and he must have a proven track record in this field.
• Request for free consultations. This is just to make sure that the consultant is indeed the right fit. Ask all your questions and determine if this person can really offer you with everything that you need to reach your pre-set goals.

Save Time With Business Proposal Templates

A business proposal is an offer made to a customer on behalf of the merchant of an organization with an aim to initiate the business. The main purpose of creating an offer letter is to propose a solution to a client in order to solve his problems. Solving the problems of a customer can motivate him to initiate the business with an organization. There are a variety of templates and tools available in the market that can encourage a merchant or a marketer to create an attractive as well as impressive proposal.
A marketer can easily and smoothly prepare a professional looking offer letter with the help of templates. These templates play a role of a guideline which is useful in preparing an offer letter without hassles and saving time as well as energy. These tools or computer programs save time and energy of a writer as they bestow the writer of a proposal with numerous ideas to create a professional offer letter. If you have opted for an advanced and modified computer program, it would then be extremely easy to use software. Some business proposal templates are a convenient add-on to any computer application such as Word format. These tools can mainly get incorporated into editable formats as the offer becomes easy to edit. Some computer programs offer professionally designed themes that provide you with examples for preparing offer letters. You can select any of the themes or covers saved in the database of the software. Select any of the themes or covers that best describe your business and represent an organization. There are many other state-of-the-art computer programs that equip a user to personalize or customize an offer letter. You can use graphics, graphs, charts, tables and columns to stress on pictorial form of presentation. These images can explain the content in a better manner. In this way, you can prepare attractive offer letters for proposing business to the customers and alluring them towards the offer.

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Guidelines for Creating a Business Proposal

You have a unique idea for a new product or service and need money to get off the ground? You don’t know what to put your hands to first? Start drawing up a business proposal. Sometimes it is very hard to write a thorough proposal. Some people will notice that the best way to cope with this difficulty is to find a business proposal sample and to use it as an example for your own proposal. But you should keep in mind that all people are different and you have to find a fruitful approach to each of them, so just filling these proposal samples won’t bring you positive results. But if you have chosen this way of creating your business proposal, then you should completely transform it to a unique document that will bring customers to your business. The second way is to find a proposal application on the web. Of course, you should also work hard with it to create an interesting and catchy business proposal, but such services offer more possibilities to do it.

Here are some tips, which you have to follow if you want to create a winning business proposal.

1) Know their needs. Seek information about the potential partner/company to make sure you have a clear understanding of their needs and challenges. Thorough research will help to address the customer’s issues more effectively.

2) Why you? Explain you potential customers why they should select you from dozens of your competitors. Use your past experience and even testimonials from past clients to support your claims.

3) Make it simple. Write your proposal in such a way that it can be easily understood by the recipient.Use the language spoken by your target audience.

4) Visual aids.

Include visual elements throughout your document. Try to use different pictures and tables throughout the proposal to enhance visual appeal and simultaneously make it easier for your clients to understand it. Pages of pure text are tiring to the eye and a challenge to the attention span.

5) Mind your grammar.When writing a proposal, it is important to use proper grammar. If you are unable to write gramatically correct then ask someone to check your proposal, because it increases the chances that your proposal will be rejected. Run a spell-check or have someone read your proposal before submitting it. Do this even if you have used a business proposal sample to create your own proposal.

6) Packaging. Print your proposal on a good, high-quality paper - your prosprctive clients will definitely like it.. Using proposal application you can make your business proposal look original and send it to your customer by e-mail.

You can spend much time trying to create a business proposal that will attract numerous customers to your good or service, and might rewrite it for several times. But the time spent on it will completely pay off, when impressed clients will choose you out from dozens of your competitors that offer the same product.

Marketing Consultants In Manchester

Marketing Consultants In Manchester

Online Marketing is the process of promoting your website on the Internet to increase its visibility in Search Engine Rankings. The better is its rank on search engine, more no of people will visit the site. My Marketing aid, marketing consultancy in Manchester take care of all your needs like Developing and managing the implementation of your marketing strategy.

Managing the planning process and developing your marketing activity plan.

Internet and online marketing strategy.

Delivering direct marketing campaigns.

Managing your advertising and PR.

Developing your corporate identity and branding.

You can outsource all your marketing activity to us and our marketing consultancy will help you out in the areas where you need most assistance. As a specialist marketing consultant we are able to flex the service we provide dependant upon your needs.

Latest SEO and promotional techniques for online marketing are:

1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): Organic SEO increases your search engine rankings for your website. Natural SEO includes creating targeted keyword phrases and optimised content for every page.

2. Search Media Marketing (SMM) : Social Media Marketing is the process of setting up Web 2.0 components on your website makes it more user friendly. SMM processes include Blogs, RSS Feeds, Widgets, Tags etc.

3. Keyword analysis : Keyword Research is the most important part of Search Engine Optimisation. Finding the right keywords to optimise your website can be the difference between success and failure for your business. So, keyword research is most important tool of seo.

4. On page optimization : On Page Optimisation performed to a web page will help it rank higher for your keyword phrases. The top of Search Engine Results Pages is where you want your web page to appear, and On Page Optimisation will take you there.

How Do the Proposed Health Care Reforms Affect Small Business Owners?

If you've been paying attention to the news at all lately, the big topic of conversation is the new proposed healthcare legislation, or "America's Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009". This bill is 1018 pages long, and will completely change the healthcare system in the United States if and when it becomes law. If you haven't actually read the bill, you may be wondering how this new legislation will affect your business. I have taken the time to read through the section of the bill that covers the employer responsibilities (Title III, Subtitle B), and have summarized them below:

There are three main obligations under this proposed law that affect business owners and employers:

1. You must offer a "qualified" healthcare plan, or a grandfathered healthcare plan to all of your employees.

A "qualified" plan is defined as a plan that meets the requirements of Title 1 of the bill, which contains 57 pages of requirements.

While they are too long to include here, here are some of the key requirements: no exclusion of pre-existing conditions, guaranteed issue and renewal, non-discrimination in benefits, ensuring lower premiums, standardization rules for coordination and subrogation of benefits, and whistleblower protections. The public option plan is also considered a "qualified" plan.

A grandfathered plan must meet the following requirements: no new enrollments are allowed once the new bill is passed, no change in benefits are allowed, and your plan must have the same percentage increases for everyone that is covered by the plan. If your plan doesn't meet any of the above requirements, then it is no longer grandfathered, and you must switch to a "qualified" plan.

Also, after a period of 5 years, all grandfathered plans must switch to a "qualified" plan.

2. You must contribute to the plan if the employee decides to take the plan that you offer.

As an employer, if you choose to offer healthcare coverage, you must meet the following requirements:

- Provide auto-enrollment to your plan
- Pay at least 72.5% of the premiums for individuals on the plan
- Pay at least 65% of the premiums for families on the plan
- Pay for healthcare for part-time employees based on the above percentages on a pro-rated basis based on their hours worked
- Salary reductions are not considered employer contributions
- You have to provide proof to the Health Choices Commissioner that you are meeting the above requirements

3. If your employee chooses not to take your healthcare option, or you choose not to offer healthcare to your employees, then you must contribute to the Health Insurance Exchange.

The mandatory contribution rates are as follows:

- You must contribute a dollar amount equal to 8% of your total payroll to the Treasury of the United States if your payroll exceeds 0,000/year
- You must contribute a dollar amount equal to 6% of your total payroll to the Treasury of the United States if your payroll is between 0,000 - 0,000/year
- You must contribute a dollar amount equal to 4% of your total payroll to the Treasury of the United States if your payroll is between 0,000 - 0,000/year
- You must contribute a dollar amount equal to 2% of your total payroll to the Treasury of the United States if your payroll is between 0,000 - 0,000/year
- You must contribute a dollar amount equal to 0% of your total payroll to the Treasury of the United States if your payroll is under 0,000/year

In addition to the above three requirements, as an employer, you must allow the government to conduct regular audits of your group insurance program. If you do not meet the requirements as stated above, then your healthcare plan will be terminated. Going forward, you will have to pay the fees as stated in section 3 above, and move to the public option. You will also be fined a fee of 0 per employee, per day for the number of days that you were not in compliance, up to 0,000.

So, what does all of this mean to you, the business owner? First of all, you will have to provide healthcare coverage for all of your employees, both full time and part time, or pay the government the fees listed in section 3 above. This will increase the cost of doing business for almost all business owners. You will also need to comply with their audits as well, which will require addition time and paperwork. If you already have a program in place, you will be grandfathered until such point that you no longer meet the requirements of grandfathering, or 5 years passes. Then you will be forced to the "qualified" program. Also, if you noticed above, in order to be a "qualified" plan, the plan must include people with pre-existing conditions. This will increase the cost of private healthcare plans, and eventually force everyone to the public option, as private insurers won't be able to be cost competitive with a tax funded public option under these stipulations.

The good thing is there is still time! This bill has not passed through the Congress as of yet. So, whether or not you agree or disagree with the proposed bill, it's a good thing to get involved in the process by contacting your Senator or Representative and expressing your concerns, as these changes will surely affect your business going forward!
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Link to find your Representative: https://writerep.house.gov/writerep/welcome.shtml

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