National business news reporter was informed from the authorities

National business news reporter was informed from the authorities, the CBRC to publish notice of banking institutions, warning the four categories of real estate loan risks. Including delay development period, disguised wupan xishou, through the Affiliates get loans, etc. The CBRC required that all banking institutions in the light of the above requirements, "seriously implement the three way, a guide, and do the real estate credit management, strict control Christian Louboutin Shoes real estate loan risk." Some analysts believe that the "disguised wupan xishou" finds, there is a "hard-to-action". It is reported that, to put this requirement, the Department and the Ministry of land and construction may be to provide the "blacklist" of banking in China. In fact, such notice as early as this year on 14 September, has been given at the time of the "new 5" has not yet been introduced, market turnover significantly warmer.

Notice that the "recently, the continuous introduction of central control policy early real estate has significant results, but some real estate Enterprise ways and avoid regulatory, credit cards and bank loans, the impact on the effectiveness of policy implementation.

This statement and the mainstream views on the market. A brand development enterprise in charge of the national business news reporter said, despite the regulation, enterprises are still taken all means be circumvented, and access to bank loans. In many small and medium-sized cities, real estate Wedding Shoes loans are still a lot. Through the development stages, avoiding the undeveloped land disposal measures "relating to" over contract commencement 2 years development, should be free to recover land ". Due to the lack of land development project completion time limit, the real estate enterprises can begin, the adoption of the development phases, repeatedly delayed follow-up development time.

By associated companies consolidated loans and working capital for real estate projects, avoidance commercial bank not to pay real estate enterprises for land loans. Declaration by raising prices, avoidance to strictly in accordance with the declared prices the prices of foreign sales provisions. Some declarations by raising your prices after, wupan xishou "disguise", have to adjust the actual sales price when you leave a space. Shanghai house comprehensive real estate Research Institute research minister to national business news reporter, the publication of the notice of purpose, one is controlling risk, meet regulatory.

To control the banks for credit risk, prevent it from flowing to the stock market, property prices, the CBRC in July last year and this year, has the perfect introduction to the three approaches a guide. Since then, the regulation of the real estate market and the national ten supporting policies promulgated, considered the most severe. But even so, companies are still Louboutin Sale around. In the existing policy framework, the above four acts belong to evade, cannot be regarded as violations. "A bit reluctant to anonymous analysts to national business news reporters that in practice, most likely to encounter the execute difficulty. As a result of these violations related to take land, development and sale of more than one link, the view was expressed that such a policy, need for land and construction sectors, such as the provision of illegal enterprise "blacklist" etc.

In July this year, the national land Department disclosed 2815 cases idle lands, and their responsibilities and approach. But so far, the Ministry has not yet been built live system disclosure through the development and marketing aspects of the real estate business. Prior to this there are media reports, the CBRC required residential construction department with a copy of the "blacklist" who hoard land to alert and avoiding risk real estate loans. But the two ministries are not positive response to this, the blacklist exists is not known. But compared to the undeveloped land, on the violation of the sales process is much more Christian Louboutin Sale difficult. Yanghongxu said that the delay in taking evidence, elevation declare price behavior cannot easily be identified as illegal, construction and housing sector. If it be found that could involve more enterprises.

In fact, prices for elevation, or will have a more detailed criteria. 29 September launch of the "new 5" that enhance on land VAT levy and monitoring and inspection, the focus was "obviously more than surrounding price pricing levels of real estate development projects". Even if the above provisions be strictly enforced, in the short term it is also difficult to impact on the funds fangqi. Most in the industry believe that fangqi is not short of money. From the National Bureau of statistics, the first three quarters of Christian Louboutin Boots this year, real estate development enterprises this year funding 50504 billion, an increase of 32.5%. Among them, the domestic loan 9398 billion yuan, an increase of 27.2%. Such reluctance to anonymous analysts stated that this provision may apply to the enterprise development loans set certain obstacles, but after last year and this year the first three quarters of sales, corporate capitalised in the short term will not change.


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