Business Strategies, the Cornerstone

Anyone who considers starting a business has unique character traits even if those plans are not finalized. Only a small percentage of people who have an original idea will have enough determination to assemble everything necessary to deliver their idea for the product or service to the marketplace. There is concern how most who engage the process do so without important basic knowledge of the requirements to create a successful enterprise.

To demonstrate, I want to describe a process I am very familiar with through experience in residential and commercial construction. Sometimes prudence requires taking just a few minutes to reflect and carefully consider the common things we see every day such as the buildings all around us. Foundation construction is very basic in most cases depending on site conditions but nothing is more important because the quality will reflect throughout the building. We will look at an interesting example below.

The great pyramid at Giza is said to have been built by a workforce of 14,000 to 40,000. They had nothing to use such as wheels or pulleys, they had no iron tools but were believed to be using only copper. The entire project, from start to finish, is estimated to span about 10 years. Studies have indicated the structure comprised at least 2 million and possibly as many as 2.8 million stones which weighed about 3,000 pounds each. Using the above information, calculations would indicate the workers installed about 180 blocks per hour if they worked 10 hours per day.

Here is the important point, with modern technology scientists have shown the dimensions of the pyramid are extremely accurate at the site it sits on, covering 13 acres, which was leveled to within a fraction of an inch. The capability required for the accuracy the Egyptians accomplished is on par with modern capabilities using lasers and GPS instruments.

You may be familiar with the term “cornerstone.” The cornerstone is also known as the foundation stone because it was a special block of stone and it was given great attention to its accuracy and integrity because it would be the first one set. It would be the intersecting stone for two rows of the foundation and would determine the integrity of the foundation. The height of the stone would regulate the degree of level over the entire 13 acres of the great pyramid.

The entrepreneur who becomes the organizer, owner and manager of any company is the cornerstone. The entire institution whether small or large will exactly reflect the overall and comprehensive integrity of this person. Perfection is impossible but having a clear and accurate understanding, maybe even an inventory, of all strengths and weaknesses and the ability to detect and develop the same in other prospective team members will hone the cornerstone to a condition of excellence.

To such a one, always remember, you are the most valuable resource you possess and management thereof must be your highest priority. You may be just starting to plan a home-based business as a one-person operation and consider this article, and others, presenting information directed toward a more complicated business. I suggest you consider Michael Dell who started Dell Computers in his garage. Please do not live with self-imposed limits because the marketplace will determine your viability. I encourage preparation because opportunity comes to those who are prepared.

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