Commodities market news, business news, and direct tax code

Are you aware of the fact that the commodities market in India constitute about more or less 58 per cent of the country's GDP? The figure validates how big the size and how significant this market is. Risks are no doubt there in every business and the commodities market is no exception. Yes you can do away with risks to a great extent if you read business news and commodities market news regularly. Staying updated with the up-to-the-minute information will only let you take informed trading decisions. There are certainly other factors involved for decision making; news updation holds top priority.


Commodities market news reveals that an annual turnover of Rs. 1,400 billion is generated from this segment only. The size of the market is only growing by the day given the wealth of opportunities available. More and more investors are diversifying their portfolios beyond stocks, bonds, derivatives, etc.

into commodities trading. It will be wise on your part to read commodities market news and business news before you take any buying and selling decisions. This is because here it is all about buyers and sellers and mediation between both parties. Decisions related to storage and consumption of commodities are facilitated here in the commodities market. Thereby, the underlying market is made more liquid. Without having physical stocks, investors can now trade in commodity futures; thanks to the setting up of the three multi-commodity exchanges - the National Commodity and Derivative Exchange, the National Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd, and the Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd. For complete commodities market news and all business news, visit a reputed and reliable news portal.


If your income falls under the tax slab, you should know about the latest news and information about tax besides how to avail tax benefits.

A news portal again will well serve your purpose. All tax payers must be well familiar with the term ‘direct tax code'. Yes, New Direct Tax Code (DTC) is said to replace the existing the Indian Income Tax Act of 1961. This was announced during the budget 2010 presentation. It will be enforced from April 2012. As per direct tax code, tax saving based investment limit remains Rs. 100,000; for life insurance an additional Rs. 50,000 has been added. There are other benefits as well as losses associated. Go online and go through the direct tax code document to know more about it.

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