Secret Business Strategies of Billionaires

Superrich is the social status which refers to the wealthiest people in society. Statistics shows that in 185, there are exactly 13 billionaires all over the United States. However, things get all changes with more than 1,000 billion in total nowadays. Needless to say, hundreds of multibillionaires live beside the crushing economic downturn which affects the United States in particular and all over the whole in general since late 2008. Have you ever wondered what makes millionaires and billionaires wealthiest people? For different positions in economy including managers, real estate developers and companies’ executives, here are ten most powerful secret weapons they use as business strategies.


Alternative Investments

The US’s law allows accredited inventors to assess certain investment products. However, the outstanding advantage is a wide range of “alternative investments” which assist both investment in traditional stock and bond one.


Executive Perks

Executive Perks often refers to exotic cars, munificent retirement packages, luxury apartments and private planes. This sum of money comes from salary, stock options, grants of stock and bonuses.


Board Membership

Board memberships include most prominent business leaders who help to expand the influence and reputation of any companies. More importantly, broad memberships offer high-paid salary for each individual.


Diversification and Hedging

In order to protect the portfolio from losing devastatingly, the wealthy usually place investment into smaller and different asset types. That assures the asset types not rise or fall together. Otherwise, hedging exposure is another effective way.


Financial Advice

The super-rich with billions of dollars in their bank accounts can afford the best advice by hiring accountants, lawyers or insurance experts who help them in creating best deals and protecting from losses.


Hedge Funds

Hedge funds are investment fund which is restricted to accredited investors. The funds have recently gained reputation for protecting investors against risk of losing money rather than maximizing it.



For most rich and powerful people, having real payoff means making a network with other powerful individuals.


Customized Investments

For each particular need, the rich can customize their investment rather than spend the whole property into a mutual fund. If it is not the case of a mutual fund, the rich can ask the managers to divide the accounts separately.


Lower Fees

Fee can have a big impact on returns of investment. When it comes to the super-rich people with crowned networking, they surely can get a discount to have the lowest price.


Priority Status

The managers of banks and companies all know who are their most potential and valuable clients. As a matter of facts, those customers are always offered special treatments.



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