So You Just Became A Consultant With Crowdsourcing International'now What?

So you became involved in Crowdsourcing International (CSI), one of the newest networking marketing opportunities getting attention right now. You were impressed by the compensation plan and saw yourself succeeding with the network production business model. You received a little bit of guidance from your upline about how to generate leads for your business, but after you have exhausted promoting your opportunity to your friends/family, co-workers, and the people sitting on the bus stop, whats next? It should be noted that statistics show that no matter how you generate leads, only 1%-3% of your leads will actually become part of your downline. This means that in order to consistently place new people in your downline, you must generate consistent leads. Makes sense, right? However, this is the part of the business that frustrates most of the people involved in network marketing as a whole. DONT let it happen to you.
As a new consultant with Crowdsourcing International (CSI), there are a few things that you need to consider. The fact of the matter is that most people who hear about your opportunity will not want to be involved. I dont say this to scare you, and actually thats a GOOD thing, believe it or not. Think about it some people actually like their J-O-B and are not looking for additional income, some people think that making a lot of money is morally wrong, some people think that any and all networking marketing opportunities are scams or pyramids, and lets face it, some people just lack ambition and couldnt care less.
Another thing to consider is that even though you dont have to sell a product to get income in the Crowdsourcing International business model, you are still in sales! You are selling yourself and your opportunity. For the most part, people do not join opportunities, they join people. You must present yourself as a leader and someone who is dedicated and knowledgeable. Stay up to date on all of the regulations of your parent company as well as the trends of the network marketing industry as a whole.
Probably the most important thing to remember is that you must treat your business LIKE A BUSINESS. I cant stress that enough, and it will mean major deposits into your bank account in the future if you do. Its sad to say, but there is actually very little training in the network marketing industry on MARKETING. Would a car salesman be hired and not given any sales training by his employer? Probably not. So one of your most important tasks as a network marketer is to gain knowledge in actual marketing techniques that will allow you to put together systems that will give you access to viable leads on a continuing basis. There are even ways that you can capitalize on that 97%-99% of people that will not want to join your downline! Look out for more on these techniques in future articles. Much success in your Crowdsourcing International business!!