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If you try to go deeper in the subject and look around yourself, you will experience that there is no opinion difference and everyone would agree that online and digital media is growing in number influencing people round the world. Most companies have given up traditional advertising and marketing methods and turned towards digital method of promoting services and products. Few big companies had to subtract budgets to prevent company to go into losses. Nevertheless they turned to digital method to advertise on the right time. And now businesses have lost confidence in traditional methods of advertizing. This proves to be clear sign.

What I am most concerned about is that newspaper industry has also experienced this change. They are actually not giving the necessary attention to what events and happenings are taking place across the globe and are swiftly losing profits.

World’s renowned newspapers have already shifted themselves to online mews publishing and it is quite very simple to understand why it is so. Looking at the local and basic level, you can see limited magazines that sell. Let us all thank to the internet. Any news magazine can be viewed by thousands of pair of eyes, not through the paper, but on the computer with just a single article published. This is why newspapers are turning online.

The question that most people ask me is that why people prefer to read news online? What makes them turn away from traditional newspaper reading? One of the huge reasons I want to mention here is that on a site you can view and go over the news that you like. If you purchase a newspaper you are forced to go through all then news. These days’ individuals are least interested in paying for the newspaper for just one or few of many articles published.

Commodity is yet another reason why people have switched over to online news. When you use RSS, you can simply go across the immediate news and they are also linked up with the fields of interest. You do not require going to a newspaper vendor to buy one. You can just use your PC and the internet to go through the news updates.

I must also mention the facts to you that few times the newspaper we opt do not offer the news that is eye catching. Internet is unlimited while newspapers are not. In case you do not find in one paper, you can opt for another one. But there are myriads of publications online that easily provide authentic news. So it really isn’t possible to take over internet power.

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