Long gone was the time when money was abundant in the pockets of employees. Right now, being rich has become more possible for business people than professionals who have graduated with strong educational background. One reason is because business provides residual earnings – a kind of income contrary to the linear income that regular employees usually get from a company. At the dawn of the Internet Age, running a business has evolved from its standard, conventional image to something more convenient and sophisticated, like online business and marketing.

Like other customary businesses, online entrepreneurships begin with ideas and improve by strategies. Although experience will definitely give an edge in online businesses, even aspiring business people can make it happen in the world of internet money-making. For starters, take a good look at some of the best and hottest online business ideas that are a must-try:


AFFILIATE MARKETING Earnings from affiliate marketing come from sales commissions acquired when advertising and promoting other companies’ products and services through any online media such as personal websites, blogs and social networking sites. The most well-known type of affiliate marketing is the Pay Per Click (PPC) scheme wherein one click for each advertisement generated from a publisher’s blog or website is equivalent to a specific amount of money. Examples of affiliate marketing programs are Google Adsense and ClickBank.

2. ONLINE BUYING AND SELLING From clothes, jewelries and antiques to apartments and condominiums, the Internet has made it possible for buyers and sellers to acquire and transact goods without getting out of their chairs. Online markets and bazaars like Ebay and provide a place for auctions and buy-and-sell for a wide range of products and services.

3. BLOGGING AND WEB HOSTING Blogging is one appropriate online business for people who are zealous writers. A blog which can effectively attract more internet traffic can give great opportunities and income particularly if the features affiliate marketing programs and buy-and-sell for goods and services offered either by other companies or by the blogger himself. Web Hosting, on the other hand, is a good choice for web designers, newbies and pros alike. People who are also into online business need websites to promote their products and services. Therefore, customers will not be scarce in website hosting businesses.

4. FREELANCING Freelancing is trading a wide range of services and expertise to outsourcing people and companies. The rise of several freelance service providers such as Elance and Odesk proves that freelancing makes work and service transactions easier and more fulfilling at home than going to the office every day.

Having knowledge of the latest online business ideas is not enough to get somebody to succeed. Ideas will just remain as ideas if no actions will be done. It is also important to learn the following basic online business strategies to use when starting an online business:

1. DON’T CHOOSE AN ONLINE BUSINESS WHICH YOU HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE OF. Launching a business is already difficult as it is, maintaining it while just starting to learn about it will not be helpful in any way.

2. KNOW THE BASIC TOOLS AND SKILLS needed for the online business. It is important to equip oneself with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) knowledge, basic HTML and internet marketing strategies. There are a lot of references and tips available on the net, read and make use of them. Some expensive tools like software and servers, especially in web hosting businesses, are indispensable. If financial capital is lacking, looking for a partner company, team, or person in the business will be the best alternative.

3. BE VIGILANT of scams and other shady business groups and programs. While the Internet is a wide playground for legitimate business people to explore, it is also a place where opportunistic people can thrive without being known or controlled.

4. PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE in any kind of business. Success cannot be achieved overnight. Patiently learning the do’s and don’ts in an online business is one important online business strategy which must be practiced at all times. Work hard.

5. LEARN FROM EXPERIENCES. Try to construct your own system of online business strategies by listing down all the problems encountered and the solutions used to counter such problems.